Business, UX, and design are not a UFO, which lands in your yard. It’s simple!

Why is UX Design so Important When Building Apps?

Have you ever opened an app or a website and felt uncomfortable while using it? Probably, it happened less and less often nowadays. The main reason for that fact is the existence of the UX (User Experience) designer profession.

Usually, they create a comfortable interface for users. And they had…

Yahooooooy, dear fellas!

Have you ever wondered how do employers feel when they have to read the same, literally identical proposals on any jobs they are posted? All these: “Hello! Blah-blah-blah, I’m very confident, reliable, and brilliant worker, etc.” I am pretty sure, sometimes they are having headaches from all…

Dmitro Kyiashko

I am a Ukrainian freelance writer and a doctor-radiologist who loves a lot to help other people.

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